Thursday, February 3, 2011

Governor/Governor-Elect Letter from Ambassador Lee Wanta

10 November, 2010

Dear Governor and/or Governor-Elect,
National Governor’s Association, et al ….

The many thoughtful comments made by Governors and Governors-elect recently about High Speed Rail [HSR] Programs are appreciated. It is always a pleasure to discuss innovation and progress with people of foresight and logic. The fact that so many Governors and Governors- elect around the United States are coming to the realization that the promises of an American High Speed Rail System can be best done nationally utilizing private, not government, funds is heartening.

Perhaps the reason the Obama - Biden Administration approached the implementation of High Speed Rail – promising HSR (150-230 mph) when, in reality, they planned to build rapid transit rail (100-150 mph) – is because the Federal Government knows each State needs to solve transportation problems that high-speed rail doesn’t solve. What the federal government failed to see is that local rapid transit systems need to be owned and controlled by State Government, not the Federal Government. Too, HSR systems are more costly and need to be privately funded with no taxpayer grants or subsidies – particularly at this moment in America’s economic history.

There is no doubt in my mind that each State Government needs to implement a rapid transit system that is coordinated into the AmeriRail High Speed Rail Transportation Program. Upon the Economic Receipt of my personal/repatriation funds, I am willing to enter into a planning process with each State Governor through whose State AmeriRail travels to discuss temporarily providing funds to build a rapid transit system designed to solve your most pressing transportation problems.

It is clear that the Economic Recovery/Crisis is creating financial difficulties that make it impossible for State Governments to do much more than provide basic necessities to the American Populace. I believe State Legislatures across the country need to better define “necessary” and become more prudent in their spending. I also believe the jobs that can be created by building both HSR and rapid transit systems at the same time will solve much of the economic instability. People are not going to borrow and spend until they feel confident about jobs, salaries and full employee benefits. Before the jobs and housing situations can be solved, lost confidence in government must be restored.

The suggestions for what needs to be done in your State must come from you. You know your State. You know your State's needs. What we are probably talking about is a loan to your State from AmeriRail [upon my personal Economic Receipt] for limited rapid rail links and attachments to the AmeriRail system. We are also talking about all proceeds from the rapid rail system being used to repay any loan made by AmeriRail for rapid transit … and we are talking about AmeriRail maintaining control of cost factors involving rapid transit until any loans for the system are repaid. Beyond cost factors, the State would be in control of managing the system until repayment is completed.

My objective with the funds being unlawfully withheld from me since May of 2006 has always been to do what best serves the needs of America. As the Federal Government has become more and more bloated and unable to implement meaningful Economic Recovery, it has become clear to me that problems will need to be solved with sovereign states, not a bureaucracy run amok.

If you are interested in discussing these and other creative ideas with me, I will expect to hear from you.


Lee E Wanta

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